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 How do you think when you wear the t-shirt that takes a turn making it into a platform for self-expression. Meaning we could know to represent your beliefs, favorite band. Or tell the world about your past vacations without even talking about it and only by wearing a graphic T-shirt. We also understand what are you going to present yourself. Our designer will give you the most impressive t-shirt in the word. We focus on the material for the shirt when you wear it. Here are most of the t-shirts. These are made by 100% cotton, soft, comfortable, and suck sweat. Our printing inks come in singular solid colors. Each color is printed one at a time to accomplish the completed design.

I brought it home and I found a school paper from the beginning of the year. It was something that gave the teacher permission to touch a student if he/she got hurt. I guess I forgot to turn in the form. So I grabbed it cut off the bottom for a parent signature, and taped it to my quiz. I asked my dad to sign it. He didn’t even ask what te paper was. And the next day when I went back to school I put it on the teacher’s desk. Even after that day, she still hated me. Except – one day there was a problem with the plumbing in the prep room. I forget what it was but they had to call somebody in to repair some of the old copper pipes to the sinks where the bodies were washed and where the embalmer washed him/herself up afterward. The repairs involved some soldering of the new pipes. Routine stuff. At the end of the war, the Netherlands experienced a terrible winter and in January 1945, Queen Wilhelmina pleaded with Churchill, Roosevelt, and Britain’s King George VI for help. In a letter sent to all three, she wrote, “if a major catastrophe, the like of which has not been seen in Western Europe since the Middle Ages, is to be avoided in Holland, something drastic has to be done now.” I saw her with a group of travelers in a Chinese restaurant in Nukualofa, the capital. She was tall, blonde, buxom, and sounded American. I tried to talk to her, but she took no interest. Then it was announced everyone was going to a nightclub, the only one in the land. I went, along with a German guy I’d met some days earlier and was sharing a hotel room with, to economize. I’d begun to believe he might well be gay and was feeling nervous about this realization, as I am not gay.
Just two years later, Baldwin III died and Amalric ascended the throne – but only on the condition that he set aside his wife (Baldwin’s mother) Agnes de Courtney. Agnes was duly disposed of, but Amalric’s children of his marriage, two-year-old Baldwin and his year-older sister Sibylla, were explicitly recognized as legitimate. They remained at court with their father. In 1167, Amalric remarried, this time to the Byzantine Princess Maria Comnena. The tradition continues to the present and the Netherlands sends 20,000 bulbs to Canada each year. They became the inspiration for Ottawa’s annual Tulip Festival which attracts more than 600,000 visitors a year. It is one of the world’s largest tulip festivals, displaying almost three million tulips in venues across the city. Along the Rideau Canal alone, the city’s gardeners set more than 300,000 tulip bulbs each year. The results were not good. While the Saracens eventually withdrew, they had managed to do considerable damage and the barons of Jerusalem returned in a rebellious mood. The news that the key castle of Kerak was under siege (with both Princess of Jerusalem, the Queen Mother, and the Dowager Queen all trapped inside for a wedding) should have triggered the immediate dispatch of a major relief force. Instead, the High Court (allegedly unanimously) refused to follow Guy de Lusignan anywhere. Part of the “something drastic” turned out to be aircraft from the RAF’s Bomber Command tasked to deliver food supplies to the Dutch people during the so-called Hunger Winter. During ‘Operation Manna’, Lancaster bombers dropped food over cities and towns across Holland. I am not one to dance often, because I possess no detectable rhythm and tend to look like a mentally incompetent twat on a dance floor. So I’ll usually just do it to please someone for a couple of songs, get through it, sit down and call it done for a year or hopefully much longer. But sometimes the devil gets inside and I dance like my clothes are full of murder hornets. And this was what I did. At about this same time, Baldwin was diagnosed with leprosy by his tutor William, later Archbishop of Tyre. According to Tyre, leprosy first manifested itself as a lack of feeling in Baldwin’s right hand. However, Baldwin retained the use of his other limbs and did not suffer from noticeable disfigurement. His illness was initially kept quiet.
Although a military and political triumph, the Battle of Montgisard had devastating consequences for Baldwin personally. Based on the historical descriptions of Baldwin’s initial illness, which state he had lost the feeling in his arm but that there were no other symptoms such as discoloration or ulcers, modern experts in the disease believe that Baldwin IV initially had primary polyneuritis tuberculoid leprosy, which deteriorated into lepromatous leprosy during puberty. Baldwin IV responded by dismissing Guy, and dragging is disintegrating body halfway across the kingdom at the head of his army. The mere approach of the Leper King, however, was enough to convince Salah al-Din to withdraw. Our marriage would continue to slowly deteriorate and by the time our son was three, he was the only thing that kept us together. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the time when I walked on him making out with the babysitter, again he begged but this time I wasn’t going to fall for that again. I asked him to leave for a while and only come back if he was ready to be committed, but what I was doing was giving him the perfect opportunity to cheat. While he was away I got access to his phone without him knowing on NexusPry on Strikingly One of the Squadrons involved in the mission was 625 Squadron, flying out of Kelstern in Lincolnshire. It was the squadron in which my father served. His Lancaster was shot down not far from Germany’s border with the Netherlands in March 1943. Only one member of his crew survived. The rest, including Sgt. Wilfred Henry Broadmore, are buried in the Catholic cemetery at Tubbergen. To my relief, the girl began smiling, then laughing, then matching all my moves as cheesy as that sounds. Some three long songs later, handsomely soaked with sweat, I suggested we step out to cool off, as it was winter there and thus around 20deg C outdoors. I got us a pair of cold beers and we walked out to the parking lot. She was not American but Swedish and had just sailed up from NZ on a crippled yacht, barely making it, on the final leg of a six-year round the world journey.

im-a-february-girl-im-mostly-peace-love-and-light-and-a-little-go-fuck-yourself-T-shirt-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

I’m a February girl I’m mostly peace love and light and a little go fuck yourself shirt

im-a-may-girl-im-mostly-peace-love-and-light-and-a-little-go-fuck-yourself-T-shirt-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

I’m a May girl I’m mostly peace love and light and a little go fuck yourself shirt

im-a-march-girl-im-mostly-peace-love-and-light-and-a-little-go-fuck-yourself-T-shirt-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

I’m a March girl I’m mostly peace love and light and a little go fuck yourself shirt

im-a-june-girl-im-mostly-peacelove-and-light-and-a-little-go-fuck-yourself-T-shirt-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

I’m a June girl I’m mostly peacelove and light and a little go fuck yourself shirt

im-a-july-girl-im-mostly-peace-love-and-light-and-a-little-go-fuck-yourself-T-shirt-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

I’m a July girl I’m mostly peace love and light and a little go fuck yourself shirt

i-see-what-the-problem-is-here-im-talking-in-english-and-youre-listening-T-shirt-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

I see what the problem is here I’m talking in English and you’re listening shirt

i-suck-at-apologies-so-unfuck-you-or-whatever-t-shirt-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

I suck at apologies so unfuck you or whatever shirt

i-only-use-sarcasm-periodically-t-shirt-1-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

I Only Use Sarcasm Periodically shirt

i-never-dreamed-id-grow-up-to-be-a-super-cool-husband-of-a-freaking-awesome-crazy-t-shirt-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

I never dreamed I’d grow up to be a super cool husband of a freaking awesome crazy shirt

i-need-a-hug-e-pumpkin-funny-halloween-t-shirt-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

I Need a huge pumpkin funny Halloween shirt

i-know-a-lot-of-people-who-need-who-need-to-wear-straitjacket-and-im-one-of-them-t-shirt-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

I know a lot of people who need who need to wear straitjacket and I’m one of them shirt

i-hate-it-when-people-compare-me-to-others-come-on-i-have-my-own-dna-t-shirt-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

I Hate It When People Compare Me To Others Come On I Have My Own Dna shirt

i-dont-hoard-yarn-i-just-shop-faster-than-i-crochet-t-shirt-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

I don’t hoard yarn I just shop faster than I crochet shirt

guitar-halloween-items-t-shirt-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

Guitar Halloween items shirt

god-first-family-second-then-baltimore-ravens-football-t-shirt-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

God first family second then Baltimore Ravens football shirt

goat-give-me-the-strength-to-walk-away-from-stupid-people-without-slapping-them-t-shirt-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

Goat give me the strength to walk away from stupid people without slapping them shirt

ghost-boo-boo-crew-t-shirt-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

Ghost Boo Boo crew shirt

forget-the-best-class-of-2023-is-the-best-t-shirt-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

Forget the best class of 2023 is the best shirt

face-back-the-blue-t-shirt-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

Face back the blue shirt

everything-will-kill-you-so-choose-something-fun-fighting-terrorism-since-1492-t-shirt-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

Everything will kill you so choose something fun Fighting Terrorism since 1492 shirt

edward-scissorhands-hairstyling-because-murder-is-wrong-t-shirt-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

Edward Scissorhands hairstyling because murder is wrong shirt

dutch-bros-coffee-jack-skellington-nightmare-before-coffee-t-shirt-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

Dutch Bros Coffee Jack Skellington Nightmare before coffee shirt

gnome-let-it-be-T-shirt-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

Gnome let it be shirt

girls-just-wanna-have-funding-for-scientific-research-T-shirt-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

Girls just wanna have funding for scientific research shirt

drugs-not-hugs-dont-touch-me-t-shirt-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

Drugs not hugs don’t touch me shirt

coffee-noun-the-glue-holding-this-2020-shitshow-together-sloth-T-shirt-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

Coffee noun the glue holding this 2020 shitshow together sloth shirt

busch-light-motor-harley-davidson-inside-me-t-shirt-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

Busch Light Motor Harley Davidson inside me shirt

bigfoot-grandpa-like-a-regular-grandpa-but-way-more-squatchy-t-shirt-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

Bigfoot Grandpa like a regular grandpa but way more squatchy shirt

behind-every-daughter-who-believes-in-herself-is-a-dad-who-believed-in-her-first-t-shirt-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

Behind every daughter who believes in herself is a dad who believed in her first shirt

arguing-with-a-fool-only-proves-there-are-two-stupid-people-t-shirt-2-247x296 Review shirt trending date 21-9

Arguing with a fool only proves there are two stupid people shirt

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Preshrunk 100% cotton jersey knit, Blended cotton/polyester in antique, heather, neon, and safety colors.
Seamless double-needle 7/8″ collar.
Taped neck and shoulders.
Quarter-turned to eliminate center crease. Double-needle sleeve and bottom hems.


Machine wash warm, inside out, with like colors. Only non-chlorine bleach. Tumble dry medium. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.

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Orders are printed and shipped when the time expires. You can expect your package to arrive around 10 –15 business days after the campaign finishes printing.
Orders are mailed via first-class or priority mail.

Unisex Cotton Tee 22.99
Unisex Long Sleeve 22.99$
Gildan Hoodie 42.99$
Sweat Shirt 35.95$
Guys V-Neck 26.95$
Ladies V-Neck 26.95$
Tank 24.95$
Long Sleeve 27.95$

Size: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL
Color: Black, Cardinal Red, Forest Green, Gold, Irish Green, Navy, Purple, Royal, Orange, Sport Grey, White

He proposed to me on the evening of December 8th, 2002. We had been dating for 6 years, lived together for 3, and had recently bought a house together, so this engagement was not a surprise, but it was very exciting to think about our wedding. We decided to keep our happy news to ourselves for the night and just enjoy a quiet evening together. The first time I heard her voice was a message that she left on my phone. I listened to it and she listed allot of terrible things that had happened to her throughout her life. These included losing parents and family members and her father from murder and grandparents too and there were other terrible things that I can no longer remember. Not all Americans; but the reason why many Americans think the US would become socialist by offering universal healthcare of any kind, even a tightly-regulated multipayer system like Germany’s, is propaganda. The fire was starting to get out of hand before people grabbed some fire extinguishers and put it out. But the damage had been done. Much of the wooden wainscotting of the wall on the lunchroom side had to be pulled off to get at the insulation and make sure that the fire was out as did whatever the wall was made from on the other side. (The building was over 100 years old – I think it may even have been on the TV show called ‘Murdoch Mysteries’ if you know of it) so there was no fire-retardant drywall, just wood frame, and wood wainscotting. if she had such a huge fear of dead bodies I don’t understand why she applied to work at a funeral home. Sure, the hostesses usually spent their time around the kitchen and the reception rooms upstairs but you’d think that at least once in a while they’d expect to be elsewhere on the premises, if for nothing else then to go to the employee lunchroom. The next day we called our families to share our engagement news, and all hell broke loose. My mother, the queen of all narcissists, immediately started grilling me for wedding details: When? Where? How many bridesmaids? What color linens? Was I going to make sure my future mother-in-law wore a different color dress than hers at the wedding? She then went on to tell me how successful she was in spite of it all and told me that she had a 4.0 average in college. She talked about other great things about herself. It was allotted to take in right out of the box from someone I never met. They have been told by their trusted leaders and opinionators that single-payer means socialism and that we will end up like Venezuela. These leaders and opinionators use lies, damned lies, cherry-picked statistics, and apocryphal stories to tell their followers it’s a horror show in all these other countries. Except that the torch the plumber used for the soldering ended up setting the insulation on fire between the walls.
The walls were insulated because the prep room had to be kept so cold and nobody wanted to shiver while eating their lunches. My friend, whom I’ve known since high school, had a mental breakdown a few years back. He had been bullied pretty severely in high school and was physically abused by an uncle when he was younger. When combined with the rather acrimonious breakup of his marriage, he snapped. He became suicidal and began experiencing anxiety attacks and sought inpatient treatment. While I was there I heard of many others that made a big fuss. One person, I remember well. She would steal from other people food before you had a chance to eat it or save it for yourself as in a midnight snack. That is allowed there. My future mother-in-law called me at all hours of the day and night with the craziest questions, from what color lipstick I was planning to wear to what kind of flowers I wanted on the tables, and would I allow guests to take the centerpieces home after the reception? Because if I was planning to do that, then I had to make sure the quality was good. I responded, with a written message back. I felt empathetic and understanding and I told her that I was sorry that those things had happened and that she must be a very strong person to have overcome them. I told her that on a scale of pain in life from 1 to 10 that the pain she went through was off the charts and immeasurable. I congratulated her on her strength and success in overcoming those things and I tried to convey optimism. All these other countries, in the meantime, look at us with anything from bemusement at our backward ways to ever-increasing horror at the sheer inhumanity of our system. Even right-wing countries like Israel view the health of their citizens as a national priority. In the US, we spend nearly as much per person on paperwork for healthcare as Israel does actually providing healthcare for everybody. Federal US spending on healthcare for some is more per person than Israel’s single-payer healthcare for all. For insurance purposes, and possibly to get building permits to make repairs, once the wall was opened up, for the next couple of weeks the workers had to eat lunch with a big hole in the wall between the lunchroom and the embalming room. Depending on where you sat while you ate you had a fine view of the several dead bodies that were waiting for preparation. Not really all that good for the appetite.
After a month of constant wedding questions, I started to feel like I was being smothered – I picked a wedding date a year and a half away thinking that maybe if we had a long time to plan, my mom and future MIL would stop bombarding me. Nope, the questions kept coming. I am more of a last-minute decision kind of girl, so having to answer questions about centerpieces and mother of the groom dress colors so far ahead of schedule (or ever) brought me to a level of anxiety I had never experienced before, and I am a naturally anxious person. She came out of the starting gate completely furious. No, build-up. Like Regan’s demons in the Exorcist or a drunk Mel Gibson ranting at his wife. She was close to incoherently raging. She attacked me on many levels and cursed at me numerous times. All the while, they excuse or handwave away the ways we’re already heading toward a more broken system akin to Venezuela’s: incompetent and corrupt leadership, crony capitalism, paramilitary forces unaccountable to We The People and more. The deceased always came in through a back door off the parking lot and from there the gurneys were rolled down a narrow hallway to an elevator that took them downstairs to the prep room. (The elevator was across the hall and down a few feet from the lunchroom). This was also the hallway where new caskets/coffins were delivered to be taken downstairs to be put in the display rooms. My friend is a graduate of a rather well-known culinary school in Philadelphia and has worked at high-end hotels and restaurants in the city and suburbs. Unfortunately, these are sometimes high-paced, high-pressure jobs, especially during events and dinner service. During these times, he would often experience anxiety attacks and would have thoughts about suicide and harming himself, at which time, he would get pulled off the line. Additionally, he needed to leave work early or come in late once a week, due to scheduled therapy sessions. It wasn’t just my mother and MIL’s questions driving me nuts, either. We wanted a small, backyard wedding. My mother thought that was tacky and insisted that we have our wedding at a respectable venue. We were paying for the wedding on our own, and when I looked into the places my mother considered “respectable”, I almost choked when I saw how expensive they were! My boyfriend and I looked at one place that wouldn’t break the bank too badly, and it seemed nice enough and wasn’t far from our house, so we booked it. One item down at least! She brought up that I had mentioned the scale concerning her pain in life as if I had made a terrible sin and she mocked it. She never finished a thought so I was not sure what her issue was about the scale or anything else. Mostly she called me names. Ironically legislation passed and signed off under the Clinton administration (Yes!) is responsible not only for the crisis but also for future bail-outs (that will be coming) to be financed by the taxpayer (which is a Republican add-on).
A friend of mine and I were going to fight a traffic ticket. She came in a suit and a nice blouse. I explained that we were going to deal with a magisterial district justice, and his office was, probably, in a shopping center. She dressed down. The hallway was fine for two people to pass and even when there was a gurney but caskets/coffins were wider and it was a tight squeeze to get past when somebody was going the other way. Most of the time we’d just wait while the casket was wheeled past and then go our own way. At the most recent hotel, he worked at, the general manager and the head chef got tired of putting up with the work and scheduling disruptions his condition was causing and were unable to fire him because his condition falls under the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, so they started to “mess” with him in the hopes that he would quit. They would do a thing like: We still wanted a small wedding, and we were firm about that. So when my coworkers, who I had only known for around 6 months, mentioned that they couldn’t wait to go to my wedding, I was shocked. I wasn’t sure how to tell them that they weren’t invited, so I just smiled and nodded as my stomach tied into knots. The best that I could get was that I had not properly acknowledged what she had gone through in lifelike losing her parents and her ability to overcome these things. I think she was furious because I didn’t acknowledge them to the degree that she wanted or expected There was a lunchroom for the workers in the basement of the home. It was a typical work lunchroom, with a few tables all pushed together in the middle surrounded by chairs, a refrigerator for people to keep their food in, and a vending machine or two. Nothing remarkable about it. The new employee didn’t seem to be aware of this though or she must have been in a great hurry to get to the other end of the hallway. She went in and tried to squeeze past a casket that was sitting there, waiting for its turn on the elevator. When that didn’t work, they had the sous chef offer him some frozen cheesecakes that were supposedly approaching their expiration date. With me being a security professional, I’ve always been taught to have something approved on paper when you’re taking company property off-site. Unfortunately, my friend failed to do that. Once he left for the day, the sous chef promptly called the head chef and reported that “Mike walked off with three cheesecakes” When questioned, three other kitchen staff corroborated her story. She came to me many times and asked me if I was going to finish up something that I was trying to save for later. Because I had too much food to eat at one time. It was normally crackers that I saved. I ate a hot meal there.
Then my mother gave me her list of people she wanted to be invited: people I had never met and some I’d never heard of. Apparently she felt that someone she went to high school with a million years ago should be invited to my wedding because she wanted to show off “what a catch” I was marrying. I tried to explain to her that we wanted a small wedding, but she just poo-pooed me and told me not to ruin her big day. She seriously said that. I just smiled and nodded as my stomach knots tied a bit tighter. She obviously misunderstood the empathetic and inspiring words I had tried to convey to her. She continued to curse me some more. Called me a piece of s**t. Sometimes she would call me names as if she was talking to the air or too herself under her breath. She called me a few choice words again and finally told me to never call her back again and hung up. But the room next door was the prep room, where the deceased were made ready for viewing and visitation. It was here that the embalming took place (perfusing the blood with preservatives, changing their clothes to what they’d be buried in, that sort of thing. The problem was though that there was a snag of some sort in the casket. It strikes me as very unusual for there to have been a splinter in the polished wood so perhaps it was a metal fastener on the handles that had an edge. The next day when he came in, he was pulled into the office with the head chef and general manager and was promptly fired for theft, and naturally, the sous chef denied giving him permission. Coupled with witness statements that placed him walking out with three cheesecakes, he had absolutely no recourse. The last straw was when my boyfriend’s out of town family, a considerably large group, called to ask if they could crash at our place when they came to town for the wedding so they wouldn’t have to pay for a hotel. When he sputtered “But we plan to be at our place the night of the wedding, and it’s our wedding night!” they suggested that WE get a hotel room so we can be more accommodating to our guests. This message was completely unexpected and practically knocked me off my feet. It was really spooky and absolutely chilling. It was almost as if something supernatural had been coiled up inside her and the crazy creature reared it’s head and screamed from her mouth. The prep/embalming room was kept cooler than the rest of the building because, well, it helped to preserve the bodies longer and keep the smells down, although there was a unique smell to both the bodies and the preservatives that’s hard to describe once you’ve smelled it you’ll never forget it.
When she screamed it was then that every employee in the place learned that she had a phobia about dead bodies (too many zombie movies perhaps?). Her scream was piercing and there was no doubt that she was absolutely terrified. Of course, the funniest part of all this is she is making more money in a month than most people will make in their entire lives. For comparison, I have 2 master’s degrees and I only ever made $120k per year and now I am unemployed, stuck in a foreign country while writing about sex pets on the internet. Follow me for more! The last time I was in a Mental health ward was a little over 2 years ago. I was first sent to a regular ward for 3 days and nights and someone had to watch me for a total of 72 hours. The first day of my Mental Health ward (I was there for 6 days). I had tried to kill myself with all of my meds. I really wanted to die was why I was there in the first place. There are a lot of other signs that this wedding was a mistake, and I won’t bore you with them, but they all involved inconsiderate/demanding family, friends, and coworkers. One night, after a particularly awful day of wedding planning (my mom flipped out because I didn’t want to include stamps on the RSVP envelopes to save some money, and she could not believe how crass and tacky I was being and screamed at me in the middle of the card store), I finally broke down and told my sweet, wonderful boyfriend that this wedding was a huge mistake. He was initially crushed, but when I finally managed to stop crying and speak coherently, I told him that THIS wedding was a mistake, but that us getting married was not, and could we please just chuck everything, runoff, and elope?
The fourth-grade math teacher hated me with all her guts. I was actually banned from talking in her class. And we had this marks system. So every time you did something wrong you got a mark. I got marks frequently. For talking when I was explaining the work to someone sitting next to me because they were in the bathroom so they didn’t hear the instructions. I got in trouble almost every day for answering questions. Like it’s my fault that I know how to do mental math and my peers need to do all the work first. I’ll just skip to the day that drove me over the edge. Even though the rooms were adjacent the entrance to the prep room was down the hallway and around a corner so workers heading to lunch from the rest of the funeral home or from the locker room where we changed clothes didn’t see the bodies as they came in to be prepped. Whatever it was, the back of her uniform jacket got caught on it and she couldn’t get past it. Because it was the back of her jacket that was caught she also couldn’t turn around to see what the problem was. So we quietly canceled all of our wedding arrangements (luckily it was early enough to not inconvenience any of the vendors, and we got most of our deposits back), hopped a plane to Arizona, and got married in the desert in October 2003. Attendees to the wedding included the minister, his wife, my boyfriend (now husband!), and me. It was perfect – one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. There was a note on top: please have your parents sign this and return it by next week. And this other kid got +10 points for doing mental math. I couldn’t do anything because that kid’s parents donate money to the school. Lots of it, so he gets away with a lot of things too. (I don’t live in a particularly rich neighborhood. It’s just diverse. Like there are people who are trying to make ends meet and then there are others with more than 4 cars.)
Anyways, I was so pissed. I was a straight-A student.

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