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Democrats, but I went on YouTube to watch the whole speech which included several recognitions in-person too for example a 100-year-old Tuskegee airman who was awarded Brigadier General for his services to his country in WWII, free citizenship to a surviving Grade 4 cancer patient for his fight and to acknowledge his charity fundraising efforts as well as young mothers and children, SO shame on you for tearing up that speech in your impetuous and undignified outburst. Perhaps you will reflect on your actions and the irony that your obsession in wishing to bring down your country’s president will likely guarantee him a further term.

american-staffordshire-terrier-im-telling-you-im-not-a-dog-my-mom-said-im-a-baby-t-shirt-247x296 trending shirt

American Staffordshire Terrier I’m telling you I’m not a dog my mom said I’m a baby shirt

aaron-rodgers-dropping-dimes-suck-it-signs-t-shirt-247x296 trending shirt
Aaron Rodgers dropping dimes suck it signs shirt
a-queen-was-born-on-november-20-happy-birthday-t-shirt-247x296 trending shirt

A queen was born on November 20 happy birthday shirt

a-link-to-the-future-t-shirt-247x296 trending shirt

A link to the future shirt

2020-will-you-shut-up-man-joe-biden-t-shirt-247x296 trending shirt

2020 will you shut up man Joe Biden shirt

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50 years of Eagles 1971-2021 thank you for the memories shirt
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30 Henrik Lundqvist New York Rangers 2005 2020 thank you for the memories shirt

i-am-descended-from-that-witch-you-couldnt-burn-t-shirt-247x296 trending shirt

I am descended from that witch you couldn’t burn shirt

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Husband and wife camping partners for life shirt

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Hercu Liam shirt
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Hedgehogs why don’t they just share the hedge shirt

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God knew my heart needed love so he sent me my grandchildren shirt

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Broomstick runs on Dunkin’ Donuts shirt

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Boxing try Jesus not me because I throw hands shirt

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Beauty and The Beast I’d be my guest I’d be my guest so hard shirt
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Anthony Davis I’m like that the brow shirt

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Animal live matter shirt

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Angry Runs Good Morning Football shirt

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Among us with Friend Style shirt

It was a great, great speech. A very great speechy speech. The Anthony Davis I’m like that the brow shirt best speech ever in the history of speeches. A genius speech, given by a bigly genius…even if I do say so myself…. your Donald. I’m a Brit so please US citizens don’t take offense. There is an extreme lack of curtesy and class in politics on both sides of the Pond at the moment. The President’s speech, whatever it contains should be listened to as it’s part of the fabric of US political life. It can be torn apart later by objectors, not in actual action by the Speaker behind the President back. That showed a complete lack of class and probably lost the Democrats thousands of votes and rightly so. Also,

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