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This is what results. And for the cubs, it prevents the development of hunting and foraging skills. We create the problem and the animal pays the price for reacting because we’re not going to adjust our behavior and coexist responsibly. Tragedy all-round, humans should stop making inroads into polar bear territory. Planet Earth does not belong to the human race. Even in 2020, we still have not learned to respect and coexist with nature bear defends its home, the same for humans, self-defense plea in front of a judge.

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You cannot blame hungry polar bears, threatened, and trying to survive. Humans need to be aware of and change a dying world. Polar bears are finding it harder to get food as the ice is melting. Longer swims to food and necessity may also drive them closer to civilization. You would think humans would learn by now, but no, we continue to ignore climate change. It is tragic. But as this quote from the article says: “This is polar bear country, you have to be alert;” it is the bears’ place. Humans are best to stay away from now on.

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