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 The impeachment proceeding is one of the gravest that can take place in our government and should be regarded as such, not turned into a souvenir-generating festive event. Why would she need her personal name on the pens and who would be in such glee with a president facing an impeachment a very serious matter nothing to laugh about she is just out to get him any way she canFor the people who are unable to click on and read the article: It’s a tradition that historic documents are signed with many pens. Trump has done it himself many times, including today!

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Certainly more meaningful than yet more words from a place where talk is cheap I can see the smile on her face. Sadly, she is using this process for political purposes. She should have to pay a price for false accusations. Like the UK parliament, the US Congress is so burdened by silly ceremony, childish practices, and pointless traditions that they obscure the real intent and importance of the work they are there to do. To the point where their membership often has no understanding of their role or the real procedure and neither does are a large proportion of their constituents.

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