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I knew a herring gull who behaved similarly. She would perch on my head and emit loud territorial calls. If I sat outside on a summer’s day she would sit next to me and take a nap.  Unsure if she was quite right in the head. I garden as well and have a couple of Robin’s that will appear. Not quite so friendly as Bob but still wonderful. It has been a great time for getting close to nature. One of the good things to have come out of this strange time.

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Graduating people shirt

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Goat Happy HalloThanksMas shirt

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FAFO fuck around and find out shirt

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Die Hard Yippee Ki Yay ugly Christmas shirt
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Dragon coffee spelled backwards is eeffoc I don’t give eeffoc shirt
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Cheer Or Fear Belsnickel impish or admirable ugly Christmas shirt

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Cat oh look another glorious morning make me sick vintage retro shirt

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Camping Mickey coffee these are a few of my favorite things shirt

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Camping Look Deep Into Nature everything better Albert Einstein shirt
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Bug butterfly give yourself time shirt

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Bowling happy bowlingween Halloween shirt

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Before You Get On My Bad Side You Should Know I Will Rock That Orange Jumpsuit shirt

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Bailey Brothers Shirt

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Baby Yoda touch my Coffee I will slap you so hard even google won’t be able to find you shirt

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Among Us Friends Shirt

Sorry about your loss. Keep up the good work. I like to think this is true as well.I mean maybe it is a comforting mechanism but it doesn’t matter as long as it brings some comfort to someone grieving that’s all that’s important…when my dad died early and my partner left me with a baby I suddenly became focused on the birds in the sky and I thought I could feel his spirit in the birds…then I started noticing a Robin here and there and each time I saw the Robin I felt like my dad was still allowed me to grieve and let go of some of the sorrow..his mother and him loved robins and had a special affinity with them.

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