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Cartels and gang disputes kept kitty in Mexico. I hope that he keeps the cat in the house for a few weeks to get him used to his surroundings again, otherwise, he may wander off to New Mexico again someone obviously had taken this cat as he wouldn’t have traveled that distance alone. I’m so glad he has been reunited with his rightful owner now found a cat who was missing for 5 years here in the UK!! We didn’t make it viral but it was incredible! Marley a Black male cat was lost 5 years and I returned to his family last.

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Anthony Davis fear the brow basketball shirt

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All I want for Christmas is you just kidding I want a horse shirt

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4 KC Royals Alex Gordon Kansas city Royals 2007-2020 shirt

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Crab Santa Claws ugly Christmas shirt

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Chihuahua Eagle American flag shirt

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Charmed 22nd anniversary 1998 2020 thank you for the memories shirt

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Cats people say I can’t multitask but I can piss you off and amuse myself at the same time shirt

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Cat Nurse I wish there was a cure for stupid vintage shirt

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Cat fish It’s monday I can feel it shirt

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Cat candy witch halloween shirt

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Butterfly my mind is always on fighting this cancer shirt

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Busch latte Christmas shirt

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Black cat Santa Claws ugly Christmas shirt

Glad he’s home.what a happy love story! poor kit..what he must have been going through living on the streets, thank goodness for that microchip, they should do it to birds as well.thanksgiving this year for their family will be one to remember! the peace he needed to find herself, so she journeyed to the Deserts of New Mexico to go on a spirit quest. She now resides in Santa Fe where she sells turquoise jewelry and dream catchers. She does tarot and energy readings on Thursdays, she’s pretty good actually.

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