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Like many men that behave badly toward women, Yoho was probably expecting her to be silent and humiliated. AOC is an example to all women. The men in these comments are proving exactly why she could not let this stand.AOC took that clown of a Florida congressman to the task. She broke him down because he disrespected her and underestimated her intellectual capacity. He wasn’t ready for her verbal backlash.  She “Yohoed” him…it was epic. She was clear and devastatingly reasoned in her defense of women everywhere…and I cheered! All we need to do to make the Green New Deal work is harness the energy of all the insecure dudes whining about AOC every day. She stood up for herself very eloquently.

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She is not good for this state or country’s excellent 10 minutes speech if you have a chance to watch it. It’s clear, intelligent, and full of facts that can’t be denied. That young woman shows why women are the best leaders. This isn’t about hers or his politics. This is about what he said. Absolutely not okay! Then he deflected and made himself the victim. “I’m sorry that you misunderstood” is not an apology. He didn’t even own up his words.

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