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My parents and grandparents remember the time before the EU/Common Market/UK joining the EU and obviously, the country carried on and survived. Would I still vote to leave now? I’m not so sure. Obviously, I don’t think Boris and his bus told us the full ins and outs. A lot of people clearly thought we’d be “getting our country back” – whatever that means – or voted to oust Cameron. However having said that I really wish people would stop moaning about the result and just accept it’s happened, it’s done, we’re out.  I know it’s a sensitive topic and it obviously divides opinion. For the vast majority of the British public, we may see a few prices rise in the shops, have to fill out a few extra forms at work, and popping to Prague for a lads weekend away may take slightly longer to go through passport control than usual. 

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The funny thing is remainers are typically middle class. They’re wealthy, own their house, good pensions, etc.They’re annoyed over Brexit because of losing free travel, which they often made good use of. Remainers will feel the sting of an economic downturn, but it won’t destroy them. They have a financial cushion. Leavers don’t care about the loss of free travel. As low-income people, popping off to Prague for a weekend wasn’t on the cards anyway. But leavers will be hurt the most by increased costs due to leaving the single market.

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