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All I know is that they’ve got the best Indian restaurant in the entire UK. There are more soccer fans in the US than in all of Britain and our national team is better than England, Scotland, Ireland. Only Wales can take us right now. Americans are so bad at football that they made a bootleg version of rugby and called it football..a sport that has no national team is not a sport.” No one in America,” is pretty laughable. I’m a diehard football fan (Liverpool) from Minnesota, USA, and I know many more like me. The game is growing in importance here. We can catch virtually every Premier League match each week on cable.They’re the underdogs, why would anyone need more? The Leicester story is all over SportsCenter.

having-a-vagina-doesnt-stop-me-from-believing-that-my-balls-are-bigger-than-yours-t-shirt-247x296 trending shirt

Having a vagina doesn’t stop me from believing that my balls are bigger than yours shirt

hope-im-married-by-40-if-not-hoewell-t-shirt-247x296 trending shirt

Hope I’m married by 40 if not hoewell shirt

here-kitty-kitty-2020-iron-bowl-champions-alabama-42-auburn-13-t-shirt-247x296 trending shirt

Here Kitty Kitty 2020 Iron Bowl Champions Alabama 42 Auburn 13 shirt

has-red-hair-wears-black-loves-cats-avoids-people-t-shirt-247x296 trending shirt

Has red hair wears black loves cats avoids people shirt

happy-new-year-2021-what-happens-in-2020-stays-in-2020-t-shirt-247x296 trending shirt

Happy new year 2021 what happens in 2020 stays in 2020 shirt

denver-broncos-nfl-playoffs-division-champions-won-not-done-t-shirt-247x296 trending shirt

Denver Broncos NFL Playoffs Division Champions won not done shirt

cowculus-fxdx-milk-cheese-t-shirt-247x296 trending shirt

Cowculus fxdx milk cheese shirt

colorado-professional-sports-teams-t-shirt-247x296 trending shirt

Colorado professional sports Teams shirt

cole-and-marmalade-cat-t-shirt-247x296 trending shirt

Cole and Marmalade cat shirt

celtics-tommy-t-shirt-247x296 trending shirt

Celtics Tommy shirt

caucasians-t-shirt-247x296 trending shirt

Caucasians shirt

bulldog-god-is-great-dogs-are-good-and-people-are-crazy-t-shirt-247x296 trending shirt

Bulldog God is great dogs are good and people are crazy shirt

beast-of-the-east-2020-afc-east-champs-t-shirt-247x296 trending shirt

Beast Of The East 2020 AFC East Champs shirt

an-arrow-may-have-your-name-on-it-but-a-fireball-is-addressed-to-whom-it-may-concern-t-shirt-247x296 trending shirt

An Arrow May Have Your Name On It But A Fireball is Addressed To Whom It May Concern shirt

abba-49th-anniversary-1972-2021-thank-you-for-the-memories-t-shirt-247x296 trending shirt

ABBA 49th anniversary 1972-2021 thank you for the memories shirt

along with Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Scottish Premier League, and the Football League Championship. It is the most compelling story in ANY sport across the planet….as well as one of the most historic significance…I have a whole team of 9-year-old American footballers who know exactly who this article is about (and could probably beat a few of the comment writers on the pitch any day!

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