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As long as people don’t start coming out in hoards to see the All I want for Christmas is you just kidding I want a horse shirt lights like Xmas, or the grumpy neighbor who hates Xmas. Other than that why not brighten the mood with little glad tidings. We have also turned on our big tree Christmas lights in Iceland lot of people feel happy putting up their Xmas decorations…so why not. Makes a lot of sense right now. New iPads for the kids. A diamond necklace for the wife. A new dog kennel for lassie and go on..treat yourself to that new pool you’ve always wanted outback. Those things are only temporary. The only thing that will bring lasting peace and joy in trusting in Jesus. We’ve put our tree back up and I’ve wrapped all the kid’s Easter treats up ready to put under the tree were going to have a very merry EastmassJust a heads up.

cats-people-say-i-cant-multitask-but-i-can-piss-you-off-and-amuse-myself-at-the-same-time-t-shirt-247x296 Trending shirt 9-10

Cats people say I can’t multitask but I can piss you off and amuse myself at the same time shirt

cat-nurse-i-wish-there-was-a-cure-for-stupid-vintage-t-shirt-247x296 Trending shirt 9-10

Cat Nurse I wish there was a cure for stupid vintage shirt

crab-santa-claws-ugly-christmas-t-shirt-247x296 Trending shirt 9-10

Crab Santa Claws ugly Christmas shirt

chihuahua-eagle-american-flag-t-shirt-247x296 Trending shirt 9-10

Chihuahua Eagle American flag shirt

charmed-22nd-anniversary-1998-2020-thank-you-for-the-memories-t-shirt-247x296 Trending shirt 9-10

Charmed 22nd anniversary 1998 2020 thank you for the memories shirt

cat-fish-its-monday-i-can-feel-it-t-shirt-247x296 Trending shirt 9-10

Cat fish It’s monday I can feel it shirt

cat-candy-witch-halloween-t-shirt-247x296 Trending shirt 9-10

Cat candy witch halloween shirt

butterfly-my-mind-is-always-on-fighting-this-cancer-t-shirt-247x296 Trending shirt 9-10

Butterfly my mind is always on fighting this cancer shirt

busch-latte-christmas-t-shirt-247x296 Trending shirt 9-10

Busch latte Christmas shirt

boxing-my-mind-is-always-on-fighting-this-cancer-t-shirt-247x296 Trending shirt 9-10

Boxing my mind is always on fighting this cancer shirt

black-cat-santa-claws-ugly-christmas-t-shirt-247x296 Trending shirt 9-10

Black cat Santa Claws ugly Christmas shirt

anthony-davis-fear-the-brow-basketball-t-shirt-247x296 Trending shirt 9-10

Anthony Davis fear the brow basketball shirt

all-i-want-for-christmas-is-you-just-kidding-i-want-a-horse-t-shirt-247x296 Trending shirt 9-10

All I want for Christmas is you just kidding I want a horse shirt

4-kc-royals-alex-gordon-kansas-city-royals-2007-2020-t-shirt-247x296 Trending shirt 9-10

4 KC Royals Alex Gordon Kansas city Royals 2007-2020 shirt

bon-jovi-graphic-art-sword-logo-rock-t-shirt-247x296 Trending shirt 9-10

Bon Jovi graphic art sword logo rock shirt

We did this in the All I want for Christmas is you just kidding I want a horse shirt states and now it’s snowing again. every Country its own mood, here in Italy we sing from balconies to stay together. Put Christmas lights on is a great idea, our is just cheaper Are you all mental. Think about people working in this industry and you’ee all putting a strain on the national grid. What do you think keeps hospital equipment going.. yes electricity. I’m sorry but has anyone thought about the magic that’s going to be ruined at Christmas for the kids??

comments just saying! I see the cats taking charge of ruling the world when all of us are scared even looking through the window let alone leaving our homes..Should be stopped altogether, Horse racing, like Greyhound racing, is a cruel sport.Finally! Some good decisions!When you are stubborn and you don’t want to learn from the mistakes of other people.

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