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So it doesn’t take a genius to see what will happen here. Even if Biden wins the Presidential election by a country mile Trump will cry “Foul” and will send it to his right-wing zealot buddies in the Supreme Court who will keep him in power at all costs. “Land of the Free” You’re laughing! The once-great USA is now becoming a world laughing stock. The rallying cry should now be “Make America a democracy again” The part that slays me is that she wouldn’t be allowed to have the job she has if the laws she wants to see instituted were in effect.history will show. He certainly has reduced America’s standing in the world. But that’s what he always said. Build a wall/America first (alone). Asking from New Zealand, assuming she is pro-life? Because for some ridiculous reason in America, a woman’s right over her body and life seems to be a political issue. I don’t think I’ll ever understand…Ruth Bader Ginsburg is acknowledged as an American hero, yet not accorded the decency of being buried before her successor is named – in the name of fighting for God! So very sad.

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All I need is love and yoga and surfing vintage shirt
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All I need in life is Jesus coffee and bible verses shirt
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56 the Moody Blues years of 1964 2020 signature shirt

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Cathy Ack Flag shirt

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Chicken Black moon Halloween shirt

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Cats Witch Santa get in loser we’re saving Halloweentown shirt

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Cat never underestimate a cat lady with cooking skills vintage shirt

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Cactus what the fucculent shirt

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Bus Halloween shirt

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Blacknificent impressively dripping in black beauty elaborately infused with melanin shirt
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Black battered beaten bruised and abused constantly under immense heat and pressure shirt

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Bear Notorious RBG Ruth Bader Ginsburg Deadhead shirt
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April Girls the one where they were quarantined 2020 shirt
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Amy Coney Barrett Notorious ACB shirt

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Always be yourself unless you can be a bigfoot then always be a bigfoot shirt

That is fine, but it doesn’t fit, under the Constitution everyone’s belief? Conservatives finally have what they truly always wanted, a court that will interpret the law based on the Bible and not the Constitution. Seems from this side of Atlantic, in bad taste by Trump.To an outsider, the perception of fairness would put America in a better light to the rest of the world. The President’s actions do not look good to the outside world! The opposite of everything RGB stood for and a member of a cult that believes women should obey their husbands. Watch her help undo years of equal rights achievements for women, while also supporting the most corrupt, divisive, and self-serving president in US history.

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